2011 ACF Fall

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ACF Fall 2011 was held over the weekend of November 5th, 2011, at eleven regional sites throughout the United States and one across the pond. Oxford hosted on November 12th, while Alabama and UC-Irvine hosted on November 6th. This tournament was head-edited by Carsten Gehring, who was assisted by Sarah Angelo, Bryan Berend, Matt Bollinger, Matt Hart, Gaurav Kandlikar and Matt Menard.

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer
North Carleton College Max Henkel Carleton A Minnesota C Frank Firke
Lower Midwest Truman State Jared McNett and Kevin Robb WUSTL University of Missouri Nishanth Uli
Midwest Northern Illinois Brad Fischer Northwestern A Michigan A Tristan Willey
Southwest Texas Chris Romero Rice A Seven Lakes A Henry Gorman
Northeast Yale John Lawrence Harvard A Columbia A Aaron Cohen
North-Atlantic Virginia Sarah Angelo VCU Dorman Daniel Hothem
West UCI Dwight Wynne UCSD A Arizona State B Joe Yu
Southeast South Carolina Eric Douglass UNC South Carolina B Robert Harden
South Alabama Justin Tarbox Georgia Tech A Florida A Dallin Kelson
Ontario McMaster Jay Misuk Alberta McMaster and Guelph B Sinan Ulusoy
Northwest Boise State Colin McNamara Ohio State Distance Education UW A Travis Vitello
Great Britain Oxford Kyle Haddad-Fonda Oxford Cherwell Oxford Isis Tris Cole


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