Triton Spring

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Triton Spring is a high school tournament hosted by UCSD usually in May, though its predecessor was a college tournament.


Date Question Set Champion Second Third Field Results
03/06/2010 MUT Claremont Colleges UCLA-UCSD Hybrid ??? 5? Missing
04/23/2011 Prison Bowl - Upper Torrey Pines A University A Rancho Bernardo A 6 All Stats
04/23/2011 HSAPQ 17 - Regular Westview Irvine Torrey Pines C 8 All Stats
05/19/2012 BHSAT 2012 Bellarmine A Canyon Crest A La Jolla A 26 Prelims Playoffs
05/18/2013 BHSAT 2013 - Nationals Arcadia A North Hollywood A Canyon Crest A 11 All Stats
05/18/2013 BHSAT 2013 - Regular Westview B Rancho Bernardo A Slam Jam 24 All Stats
05/24/2014 BHSAT 2014 Westview A Arcadia North Hollywood 24 All Stats
05/16/2015 NAQT SCT D-II Torrey Pines A La Jolla A North Hollywood 16 All Stats