VCU Season Finale Tournament

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The VCU Season Finale Tournament is the oldest, and annually the last, of the four high school tournaments regularly held by VCU. It occurs in April or May of each year. It is intended as the final normal-difficulty high school invitational on the local calendar, to be followed only by state, regional, and national championships on harder questions.

Date VCU SFT# Champion Runner-up Stats Question Set
5/05/07 I Maggie Walker Dorman Stats 2007 PACE Regular Season Set
5/03/08 II Dorman A Thomas Jefferson A Stats 2008 PACE Regular Season Set
4/18/09 III State College Dorman Stats HSAPQ Tournament 6
4/24/10 IV Maggie Walker Thomas Jefferson A Stats Prison Bowl III
5/21/11 V Cave Spring St. Luke's Stats 2011 LIST
2012 Not held
4/20/13 VI Loyola Montgomery Blair Stats 2013 BHSAT
4/19/14 VII Maggie Walker A Georgetown Day Stats 2014 BHSAT
4/11/15 VIII Early College at Guilford Western Albemarle Stats Prison Bowl VIII
4/30/16 IX Maggie Walker A Early College at Guilford Stats 2015 CALI
4/29/2017 X Guilford A Maggie Walker A Stats 2017 BHSAT
4/28/2018 XI Robinson Norfolk Academic Guild A Stats 2018 BHSAT
4/27/2019 XII T.C. Williams Jamestown Stats NAQT IS-177