VCU Spring Tournament

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The VCU Spring Tournament was a fourth annual high school tournament hosted by VCU from 2009 to 2014 in the middle part of the spring semester of each year. As this event has not been hosted since 2014 is it likely retired for good. VCU continues to host the VCU Fall, VCU Winter, and VCU Season Finale events regularly.

Date VCU Spring# Champion Runner-up Stats Question Set
2/21/09 I Walter Johnson Dorman Stats HSAPQ Tournament 3
1/23/10 II Maggie Walker St. Anselm's Stats 2009 University of Georgia Fall Tournament
3/26/11 III Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Nope 2011 Prison Bowl
3/10/12 IV HH Academy St. Anselm's Stats 2012 VCU-Ohio State Set
3/16/13 V Maggie Walker A Montgomery Blair Stats 2013 LIST
3/1/14 VI Richard Montgomery Maggie Walker A Stats 2014 LIST