Waleed Ali

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Waleed Ali
Noted Subjects:
History,Social Science, Philosophy,Mythology, Religion
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Illinois Math and Science Academy (2012-2015), RIchwoods (2011-2012)
Middle School Team Peoria Academy

A former student under the venerable Noah Prince, Waleed started off as captain and leading scorer on IMSA B before making the jump to IMSA A. This 2014 Illinois State History Bee and Central Illinois Bee champion has demonstrated his deep knowledge on numerous topics ranging from Soapy Smith, Johann Patkul, and Harvey Carr to the more obscure such as Marin Barteli and the Mute Girl of Portici. While not working out at the gym, keeping his physical state as fit as his mind, he can be seen in the company of fellow IMSA A players such as Siva Gangavarapu and Dan Pechi.

He is currently a senior at Columbia, where he served as Social Chair in the 2016-2017 school year.