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This is a list of potential projects and goals for the QBWiki.

Here is the QBWiki:Style Guide (WIP) - try to be consistent with formatting and style choices.

Maintaining the main page

WikiProject Maintain Main Page‎ exists to organize any future edits to the main page and the content of its boxes.

Recent tournament results

The Recent tournament results page exists to organize updates to the "Recent tournament results" section of the main page. A direct link to this week's results can be found here.


Both the lingo and in-jokes portions of the "Quick links" section have quips which rotate daily. Add to the lists here:

Featured picture

The Featured picture page organizes the rotating pictures featured in the "Featured picture" section of the main page.


Main page: QBWiki:Projects



Active: 6

Projects for the current season

Short description Status
Create page for the 2023-2024 season Incomplete
Create pages for all 2023-2024 tournaments QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/7
Update the "Getting started" section on the Main Page with that year's tournaments Mostly done

Long term projects

Short description Status
Creating missing articles In early stages
Format War superpage Unstarted
College directory Ongoing, neverending
Standardize school articles Unstarted
Fleshing out individual pages Not started in earnest
Year pages Template created, pages not
Fleshing out categories Unstarted
Create question part pages Unstarted, though some already exists
Create "Quizbowl in the United Kingdom" QBWiki:WikiProject Bounties/3
Improve editing tutorial Unstarted
Add field data to tournaments Unstarted, though some already exists
Incorporate known recordings of matches into pages Unstarted


Establishing and Observing Notability Standards and Guidelines

See this talk page for notability guidelines discussion. Creating clear guidelines for notability standards will help us direct future articles and cleanup.

Establishing the Editorial Tone

Although the previous good vs. bad quizbowl conflicts that used to rage on the quizbowl forums are now pretty much settled, how specifically the QBWiki should address these disputes and existing areas of bad quizbowl should be discussed.

Suggestion for Focusing on School Pages

I would recommend in general for more of a focus on adding details to the pages on schools rather than individuals. Some reasons: 1) it will save time by reducing the overall number of articles out there that require maintenance, updates, etc. 2) it reduces the need to debate notability guidelines for an individual player by instead keeping the focus on the program itself 3) it can reduce the need to repeat the same information over and over again (e.g. about a good nationals performance by a team in one year) on multiple pages 4) it places the emphasis on quizbowl as a team competition and emphasizes the importance of the team as an institution over time with a unique history and 5) it avoids some of the issues with QBwiki pages for individuals showing up very high in search results. I'll work more on fleshing out some of the pages in the college team directory in the next few months, but I think more generally it would be good direction to work. -Chris C. (talk) 18:12, 21 June 2021 (CDT)