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Competition season 2019–2020
Head editor(s) Will Alston
Difficulty High school nationals
First mirror December 19, 2020 (originally March 29, 2020)
Announcement link
Packets link

STASH (Spring TJ Advanced Scholastic Housewrite) was a high school tournament played during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. It is memorable for targeting high school nationals difficulty and for being a spring tournament interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The set had 15 packets (1 tiebreaker) of 20/20.

Category Subcategory Editor
Head Will Alston
4/4 Literature Grant Li
4/4 History Vivian Malouf
4/4 Science Michael Yue

Dan Ni

3/3 Fine Arts 1/1 Visual Fine Arts Grant Li
1/1 Auditory Fine Arts

1/1 Other Fine Arts

Michael Yue
2/2 Beliefs Ankit Aggarwal
1.5/1.5 Thought Jack Mehr
1.5/1.5 Modern World Will Alston

Writers for this set came from the Thomas Jefferson team: Stefan Calin, Justin Chen, Sathya Gnanakumar, Pratyush Jaishanker, Elliot Lee, Anuraag Kaashyap, Vishal Kanigicherla, Vance Kreider, Joshua Lian, Prithvi Nathan, Sohom Paul, Karthik Prasad, William Wang, Ryan Xu, and Kevin Zhang.


High school

Site Date Tournament Director 1st Field Size Stats
Texas Invitational XI @ Strake Jesuit March 29, 2020 Site cancelled
TJIAT @ Thomas Jefferson (VA) April 18th, 2020 Site cancelled
STASH Closed @ Online May 5th, 2020 Site cancelled
TJSAT @ Online December 19th, 2020 Will Alston[1] "MB" 12 [1]
QuBIT VII @ Online December 19th, 2020 Max Brodsky Belmont 16 [2]
West Coast Championship March 27, 2021 Nick Karas Arcadia 22 [3]
Southeast Mirror April 3rd, 2021 Arjun Panickssery Stanton and Kinkaid 10 [4]
Auburn Mirror April 17th, 2021 Arjun Panickssery Wayzata A 24 [5]


Site Date Tournament Director 1st Field Size Stats
MIT March 13, 2021 Doug Simons MIT A 5 [6]
UK March 20, 2021 Seoan Webb Oxford A 16 [7]
Mid-Atlantic/Southeast April 24th, 2021 Arjun Panickssery West Virginia 14 [8]
SuMO VI @ Tusculum July 10th, 2021 Arjun Panickssery Anthony Delgado, Tracy Mirkin, Jonce Culbertson, Joey Simmons 14 [9]

If not specified, a mirror was held online.


  1. Re: TJSAT (STASH Mid-Atlantic) Online - 12/19 (HS Closed) by naan/steak-holding toll » Fri Dec 18, 2020 9:28 pm