Texas Invitational

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The Texas Invitational is a quiz bowl event hosted by the TQBA, first held in 2010. The 2011 event consisted of two tournaments: one hosted on Saturday using the Division II question set for the 2011 ICT and one hosted on Sunday using the Minnesota Undergrad Tournament. From 2011, the tournament has consisted of two events, one using the mACF/ACF format and another on an NAQT ICT set. The tournament draws teams from outside of Texas. LASA has won the tournament three times: in 2011, 2014, and 2016, as well as winning Day 2 of the 2014 edition.


Year Set Champion Second Third Fourth
2010 ICT DII Dorman LASA Seven Lakes A Kinkaid A
2011, Day 1 ICT DII LASA A Dorman Seven Lakes A LASA B
2011, Day 2 MUT LASA Dorman Seven Lakes "Old Guys"
2012, Day 1 SCT DI Hunter Bellarmine Detroit Catholic Central Dorman
2012, Day 2 ACF Regionals Bellarmine Rice A Seven Lakes Centennial
2013, Day 1 SCT DI St. John's LASA B Hunter Schindler
2013, Day 2 ACF Regionals Bellarmine Rice A Schindler Dorman
2014, Day 1 SCT DI LASA A LASA B St. John's Seven Lakes
2014, Day 2 ACF Regionals LASA A St. John's LASA B Detroit Catholic Central
2015, Day 1 MUT Detroit Catholic Central LASA A UChicago Lab & IMSA mixed team Rockford Auburn
2015, Day 2 ICT DII LASA A Northmont UChicago Lab & IMSA mixed team Norman North
2016, Day 1 MYSTERIUM LASA A Hinsdale Central Chattahoochee Wilmington Charter
2016, Day 2 ICT DII LASA A Wilmington Charter Chattahoochee Katy Taylor