Zeke Berdichevsky

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Zeke Berdichevsky
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team Retired
Past Collegiate Teams Michigan, Maryland
High School Team
Middle School Team None

Ezequiel (Zeke) Berdichevsky is a retired quizbowl player who played for Michigan and Maryland. He is widely considered one of the game's elite players and editors, being part of the Michigan teams that claimed various national championships and editing many ACF tournaments.

Playing Career

Zeke was the first person to achieve the modern Triple Crown -- winning the ICT, ACF Nationals and Chicago Open all in one year -- in 2005; it took nine years for any other players to accomplish that feat. He led Michigan to 5 national championships including the 2002 ICT, the 2005 ICT and ACF titles in 2001, 2002, and 2005. Prior to his Triple Crown year, he was also on the winning team at Chicago Open in 2001.

Editing Career

Zeke is universally regarded as one of the greatest editors in the history of the game. Zeke edited the successful 2006 Chicago Open, the 2007 ACF Nationals, and assisted Matt Weiner in editing 2009 ACF Nationals. Perhaps his greatest editorial effort was working as the head editor for the acclaimed 2010 ACF Nationals. The tournament was universally praised, especially by Andrew Yaphe, who claimed "it was the best ACF nats set I've experienced as a player."[1]

Zeke was also observed writing, with Paul Litvak, the final 3 rounds of the 2001 MLK in a timeframe between the 1st and 11th rounds, thus bailing out the unfortunate TD who had forgotten about an extra Chicago team and thus screwed up the brackets.

Carper Award
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Chris Sewell
Subash Maddipoti