2010 ACF Nationals

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2010 ACF Nationals
Champion Stanford
Runner-up Minnesota
Third Chicago
Fourth Maryland
High scorer Andrew Yaphe, Stanford
Editor/s Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Susan Ferrari, Matt Reece, Paul Litvak, and others
Site Maryland
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An Andrew Yaphe-led Stanford (Andrew, Brian Lindquist, Arnav Moudgil and Kristiaan de Greve) defeated Minnesota A (Brendan Byrne, Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Gautam Kandlikar) in a memorable final game to win the 2010 ACF Nats.

This tournament was highly praised for the quality of questions and logistics. It represented something of a swan song for many of the game's most notable figures (at least as of now), including Andrew Yaphe, Seth Teitler, Jerry Vinokurov, and Brendan Byrne, among others.

Tournament Results


Entering the penultimate round of the playoffs, Stanford and Minnesota each had one loss (Stanford's to Minnesota in the prelims, Minnesota's to Maryland in the cross-bracket playoffs) while Chicago A was undefeated. In the last two rounds, Chicago lost to Stanford, then Minnesota, setting up a one-game final. Stanford opened up a 195-0 lead, but Minnesota fought back to take a 40 point lead into the final question. During the comeback, Minnesota answered a tossup which was protested by Stanford. Andrew Yaphe answered the final tossup but only 20'd the bonus to give Minnesota an apparent 10 point win. Following a lengthy deliberation, Stanford's protest was upheld, giving them the title.


Since Minnesota was in the Overall finals, they won the Undergraduate championship

Division II

The Division II title was won by State College.


The tournament was edited by Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Susan Ferrari and others.

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