2004 ACF Nationals

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2004 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Berkeley
Third Texas A&M
Fourth Kentucky
High scorer Wesley Mathews, Indiana
Editor/s Zeke Berdichevsky
Site Maryland
Field 22 teams
Stats [1]

The 2004 ACF Nationals was held on April 10 at Maryland. Chicago A, consisting of Andrew Yaphe, Subash Maddipoti, Ed Cohn, and Matt Reece, won the tournament. The tournament was edited by Zeke Berdichevsky.

Tournament results

Chicago A beat Berkeley A twice in an advantaged final to win the tournament with a 14-1 record, averaging a tournament-best 359 points per game. The second-place Berkeley team consisted of Seth Teitler, Jeff Hoppes, Jerry Vinokurov, and Kenny Easwaran, and they finished with a 13-2 record, averaging 333.3 points per game. Texas A&M finished third with a 10-3 record, winning the third-place game against Kentucky, who also went 10-3 and earned fourth. Rochester defeated Michigan to capture fifth; both teams finished 8-5.

Individual results

The top five scorers at the tournament (through the prelim rounds) were Wesley Mathews of Indiana, Kelly McKenzie of Kentucky, Adam Kemezis of Michigan, Matt Cvijanovich of Iowa State, and Chris Frankel of Princeton, in that order. Mathews led the field with 81 points per game.

The leading scorer for the championship Chicago A team was Andrew Yaphe, who finished seventh overall with 46.5 points per game. Subash Maddipoti was the 16th scorer with 38 PPG, while Matt Reece had 18 PPG and Ed Cohn had 12.

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