2009 ACF Nationals

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2009 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago
Runner-up Brown
Third Stanford
Fourth Minnesota A
High scorer Andrew Yaphe, Stanford
Editor/s Matt Weiner, Ryan Westbrook, Evan Nagler, Matt Lafer, Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Jonathan Magin, Dwight Wynne
Stats [http://www.hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/1457/

The 2009 ACF Nationals was won by a Chicago team consisting of Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, Shantanu Jha, and Michael Arnold over Brown. The tournament was held at WUSTL and edited by a team headed by Matt Weiner which included Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Matt Lafer, Ryan Westbrook, Dwight Wynne, Evan Nagler, and Jonathan Magin.

Tournament results

The tournament's one game final happened after Chicago defeated Stanford for the chance to play Brown for the title. As stated previously, Chicago then won.

Undergraduate and Division II

Minnesota A beat Dartmouth in the Undergrad final, while Ike Jose was the Division II champion.

Individual results


The editing team for this tournament consisted of Matt Weiner (head editor, literature, history, geography, trash, current events), Ezequiel Berdichevsky (arts, RMP), Matt Lafer (physics, astronomy), Ryan Westbrook (earth science), Dwight Wynne (biology, chemistry), Evan Nagler (math, CS), and Jonathan Magin (social science). In addition, special thanks also go to Mike Bentley, Chris Chiego, Evan Silberman, Guy Tabachnick, Michael Schreiber and possibly Eric Mukherjee for writing replacement and/or editors questions, to Jonathan Magin for stepping in as last-minute social science editor and sending a freelance packet, to Carsten Gehring for proofreading the packets, to George Berry for at least trying to keep the tournament written on time, and to Leo Wolpert and Jason Paik for doing last-minute packet randomization and assembly.

Disasters and Delays

McMaster failed to show up at the tournament, thus leading to unfortunate schedule-revision-related delays. Truman State also failed to show up for the Sunday rounds, leading to further deviations from the announced playoff schedule. The tournament was played in two buildings and with a suboptimal number of functional buzzer systems, thus resulting in posts on the forums about slapbowl (such as in the Harvard-Illinois match). On Sunday, four teams in the top bracket refused to play slapbowl, thus delaying the tournament several hours. [1]

The Sunday delays caused Jerry Vinokurov and possibly other people to miss their flights.

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