2008 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament

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The 2008 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament was a novice-level tournament that was held at the University of Minnesota on March 29, 2008.


  • History 5/5 (must vary reasonably by place and time)
  • Science 5/5 (no science biography, please; 1/1 physics, chem, and bio is required)
  • Literature 5/5 (must vary reasonably by place and time)
  • Religion/Mythology/Philosophy 3/3 (1/1 of each; not all Western)
  • Fine Arts 3/3 (at least 1/1 painting and 1/1 music; the other 1/1 is your choice, but be creative)
  • Social Science 1/2 or 2/1 (no more than one question per discipline; disciplines include law, anthropology, sociology, psychology, paleontology, economics, game theory, etc)
  • Geography 0/1 or 1/0 (write a geography tossup or bonus, but not both)
  • Pop Culture/sports 1/1 (no more than 1 question on any category)

Costs and discounts

  • Base cost: $85
  • Buzzer discount: $5 (max 2)
  • Moderator discount: $10
  • Travel discount: $5 per 100 miles on Google maps
  • Minimum cost: $30



The tournament was run as a 7 team round robin for the first six games, then as a 6 team round robin for the last 5. This was done by having the two Minnesota teams combine into one after the sixth round. The results after 11 rounds had Drake, consisting of Brendan Byrne, and Illinois A, consisting of Trygve Meade, Steven Canning, Greg Baboukis, and James Sanner, tied at 10-1, each team having lost once to the other in the double round robin. In the final match, Drake defeated Illinois A 430-60 to take first place. The top three individual scorers were Brendan Byrne, Andrew Bockover of Minnesota A, and Sam Peterson of the High School team, himself being from Chaska High School. More complete statistics can be found here.

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