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The 2009 Chicago team won the 2009 ICT in both Division I and Division II, the 2009 ACF Nationals, and some other tournaments.


Chicago A, composed of Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, Shantanu Jha and David Seal, defeated Illinois in the second game of an advantaged final to win the 2009 ICT. Seth led the team with 58.39 PPG, good for 4th overall scorer.

Chicago also won the Division II title with a team composed of Tyler Smith, Steve Katz, Ross Carstens and Damon Wang.

This marked the first time a school unified the Division I and Division II titles. Chicago fielded four teams (two in each division) that combined for a 25-3 record in the preliminary rounds and no team finishing below a tie for 9th.

ACF Nationals

Chicago A, composed of Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, Shantanu Jha, and Michael Arnold, defeated Brown in a one-game final after defeating Stanford to get into the final to win the 2009 ACF Nationals. Seth led the team in scoring.

Chicago B, composed of David Seal, Nolan Esser, Nicholas Polk, and Paul Gauthier managed to cause a stir when it beat Stanford and Brown in the prelims but failed to beat MIT in a tiebreaker game for placement in the top playoff bracket.

Other Results

Chicago also won the main sites of Cardinal Classic (Seth, Selene, Shantanu and Michael Arnold) and Penn Bowl (Seth, Paul Gauthier, Michael, and David), as well as mirrors of ACF Winter (Seth, Selene, Michael, and David), ACF Regionals (Seth, Selene, Shantanu, and Michael), TIT (Seth, Selene, Michael, and David) and FEUERBACH (Seth, David, Paul Gauthier, and Margo Emont).

Second place finishes came at Minnesota Open (Seth, Selene, Paul and Adam Perkins), Harvard T-Party (Seth, Shantanu, Michael, and Nicholas Polk), FICHTE (Seth, Selene, Michael, and Marshall Steinbaum) and ACF Fall) (Shantanu, Ross, and Evan Weingarten).