2010 Mahoning County Quizbowl League Tournament

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2010 Mahoning County Quizbowl League Tournament
Tournament Information
Date March 20, 2010
Host Mahoning County Career and Technical Center
Director Greg Bossick
Format Double-Elimination
Rules Tossup-Bonus (NAQT)
Question Set NAQT IS-90
Level High school
Field Information
No. of Schools 14
No. of Teams 14
Overall Champion South Range
Overall 2nd Place Canfield
Top Scorer Jarret Greene, 101.25 PPG
No. of JV Teams
JV Champion
JV 2nd Place
Bids Earned NAQT HSNCT: South Range, Canfield, Lowellville
OAC: South Range

The 2010 Mahoning County Quizbowl League Tournament was a season-ending tournament for members of the Mahoning County Quizbowl League. This tournament is a closed tournament, only the members of the league are invited to participate. The tournament was a double-elimination style tournament, with teams being seeded before play begins.


The field consisted of 14 the 16 members of the league.

In previous years, Austintown Fitch participated in the season-ending league tournament only. This year, the team advisor chose not to participate in either regular season matches or the tournament. Chaney withdrew their team from competition for the 2010 season.


Seeding was done in a unique fashion. At the end of the season, teams were put into Pots 1-4, depending on where they finished during the regular season. The top four teams in the first division were placed into Pot 1, while the next four teams in the same division were placed into Pot 2. Pot 3 was reserved for the top four teams in the second division, and the remaining teams were placed into Pot 4. In the tournament, teams from Pot 1 were chosen to play against teams in Pot 4, and teams from Pot 2 would play against teams in Pot 3. Since there were only fourteen teams, two of them received byes.

Pot 1
South Range
Pot 2
Pot 3
West Branch
Youngstown Early College
Pot 4
Western Reserve


South Range was able to run through the entire Championship Bracket unscathed, with the closest match being a 330-280 victory over Boardman. The other three matches South Range won by an average margin of 280 points. On the other hand, Canfield won their first match against Western Reserve by a significant margin, but had lost the next round to Lowellville by a score of 155-175. Canfield was able to get revenge on Lowellville, however, in the final of the Elimination Bracket they defeated the Rockets by a score of 255-90. This set up the final match between South Range and Canfield.

Final Round South Range 310 – 65 Canfield Moderator: Ben Gutscher
Scorekeeper: Liz Evans
Name (TUH) P T N Pts
Greene 4 6 0 120
Sheffler 0 1 0 10
Bishop (10) 0 0 0 0
Dickey (10) 0 0 0 0
Lotze 0 1 2 0
180 – 30
Name (TUH) P T N Pts
Li 0 1 0 10
Scheel 0 2 1 15
Vagas 0 0 0 0
Pagano 0 1 0 10