2011 VCU

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2011 VCU sent two teams to the ICT, both of which got screwed, and one of which got vindicated. The Division I team of Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi, George Berry, and Cody Voight was inititally awarded fourth place overall and second place in the Undergraduate ranking. Upon the discovery that the Harvard team was a huge fraud built on the massive cheating of Andy Watkins, the team was retroactively named Undergraduate champions and tied for overall third place with Chicago.

The Division II team of Sean Smiley, J.R. Roach, and Jonathan Ratliff lost a three-way second-place tiebreaker and finished fourth, though they would have not been tied to begin with and would have finished in outright second place were it not for a loss to a WUSTL team containing Charles Hang competing in Division II for a second consecutive year.