2013 NAQT Missouri Qualifier

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2013 NAQT Missouri Qualifier
Champion Ladue A
Runner-up Ladue B
Third Hickman A
Fourth Oakville
High scorer Max Schindler, Ladue
Editor/s NAQT IS-124
Site Missouri-Columbia
Stats Prelims



All Games

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance hosted the 2013 NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 2, 2013 at the University of Missouri-Columbia under the direction of Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne. Thirty teams from eighteen schools participated, including seven teams eligible for the small school title. Ladue A went undefeated to win the tournament for the second consecutive year, with Ladue B placing second. Hallsville took home the small school title, finishing seventh overall.


Teams marked with * were eligible for the small school title


The tournament used NAQT IS-124 with untimed NAQT rules. Due to a new MSHSAA requirement, some gameplay rules were modified to match MSHSAA rules, most notably that players had to be recognized by name before providing an answer to a tossup.

The thirty teams were divided into five pools of 6 teams each, and each played a round robin. The top 2 teams in each pool, as well as the top 2 third place teams by record then average points remained in contention for the championship, and were divided into 2 equal pools of 6. The remaining 18 teams were ranked by position in bracket, then record, then points; teams 13-18 advanced to consolation bracket 1, teams 19-24 advanced to championship bracket 2, and teams 25-30 advanced to championship bracket 3. Each bracket played a round robin. Following the playoffs, the top 2 teams in each championship bracket based on record then points per game advanced to a crossover superplayoff.


Following the playoffs, the championship bracket results were:

Championship A

  • 1. Ladue A, 5-0, 635.0 ppg
  • 2. Oakville, 4-1, 317.0 ppg
  • 3. SLUH, 3-2, 249.0 ppg
  • 4. Rock Bridge A, 2-3, 197.0 ppg
  • 5. Lutheran (St. Charles), 1-4, 132.0 ppg
  • 6. Springfield Central, 0-5, 138.0 ppg

Championship B

  • 1. Hickman A, 4-1, 423.0 ppg
  • 2. Ladue B, 4-1, 358.0 ppg
  • 3. Parkway West, 4-1, 334.0 ppg
  • 4. Hallsville*, 1-4, 281.0 ppg
  • 5. Hickman B, 1-4, 175.0 ppg
  • 6. Pilot Grove*, 1-4, 134.0 ppg

The final superplayoff standings were:

  • 1. Ladue A, 3-0, 533.3 ppg
  • 2. Ladue B, 2-1, 281.7 ppg
  • 3. Hickman A, 1-2, 328.3 ppg
  • 4. Oakville, 0-3, 138.3 ppg

Ladue A won the first game of the advantaged final 570-190 to win the NAQT Missouri Qualifer for the second consecutive year.

Hallsville and Pilot Grove were set to play an advantaged final for the small school championship, but Pilot Grove conceded the title to Hallsville, who finished tied for 7th overall.

Ladue A, Ladue B, Hickman A, Oakville, Parkway West, SLUH, and Hallsville qualified for HSNCT and NSC. Since the tournament was platinum-certified by PACE, Rock Bridge A qualified for NSC as well.

Max Schindler of Ladue was the top scorer with an average of 125 points per game in the preliminary rounds and 131.15 points per game overall.

According to NAQT's website, Ladue A set Invitational Series records for single game points per 20 tossups heard with 765 points in its round 8 game against SLUH (as well as the 3rd and 4th best games) and for preliminary round points per 20 tossups heard with 640 points per game.


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