John John Groger

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John John Groger
Noted Subjects:
Geography, History, Fine Arts, Generalist
Current Collegiate Team Columbia (2020-present)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Miami Valley (2014-2020)
Middle School Team Miami Valley (2014-2016)

John John Groger was a player for The Miami Valley School who graduated in 2020. He was voted the top high school player in the country in the Groger Ranks player poll in 2020. His brother, William, currently plays.

Middle School


As a seventh grader, John John played on the winning team of Aquilla I at Olentangy Liberty and the first Middle School State Championship in Ohio, as well as the 2015 MSNCT, in which Miami Valley tied for eighth place.


John John captained the team to wins at Give Thanks for Quizbowl II and the 2016 State Championship. John John also led the Olentangy Hyatts/Miami Valley chimera team, which was undefeated at the Second-Annual Copley Middle School Invitational, but was disqualified from a tournament victory. Under his leadership, Miami Valley finished in fifth place at the 2016 MSNCT. He received the third place tournament all-star.

High School


John John played on the high school team beginning in seventh grade, attending the Tippecanoe Academic Challenge XIX in the JV division and the Ninth-Annual Rowdy Raider Invitational, and winning the Northmont OAC Tournament (JV division).


John John captained his team to third place at the Sidney Fall Tournament. He also captained the team at other high school tournaments, including the Tippecanoe Academic Challenge XX, Wright State Fall Invitational, and the Mason Mashup Invitational, often assisted by his brother.


As a ninth grader, John John participated in eighteen regular-season high school events, including four solo performances and two out-of-state events, winning five of them. He captained the team at the Ohio State Championship, placing third, and the OAC West-Central regional site, placing third and missing qualification for the state championship. He led the team in the first-ever Charter-and-Private division at the 2017 SSNCT to second place and captained the team at the 2017 HSNCT and the 2017 NSC. He received the third-place all-star at the SSNCT and the first-place freshman rising star award at HSNCT. At NASAT, he led Ohio B and received the eight-place all-star.

John John played in the National History Bowl (JV) at the Miami Valley regional site, placing second, and the Ohio State Championship. At nationals, he captained the team to seventeenth place, barely missing the quarterfinals. In the National History Bee (JV), he placed second at both regional sites and made the national finals, placing third. He also reached the semifinals in the International Geography Bee (JV).

John John was nominated by the National Quizbowl Awards for ninth grade player of the year.


As a tenth grader, John John was again the captain and lead scorer on Miami Valley, leading his team to another third-place finish at the Ohio State Championship, and a second place at both the OAC West Central regional site and State Championship (in the afternoon). He was the tenth place all-star at the 2018 HSNCT, at which the team placed twentieth. At the 2018 NSC, he led the team to a thirty-fourth place finish and the JV title. He played on Ohio A, which placed third at NASAT.

Though not attending the 2018 SSNCT, John John played at the National History Bowl (JV). Playing solo in the Bowl, he placed eleventh and was the top solo team. He also made the finals of the International Geography Bee (Varsity division), the semifinals of the U.S. History Bee, and the quarterfinals of the National History Bee. He later attended the International History Olympiad, earning gold medals in the Ancient History and History of STEM Bees and medaling or making the finals in several other events, including the International History Bee. The Ohio team placed fourth in the International History Bowl.