2016 Oxford Open

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2016 Oxford Open
Competition season 2015-16
Series Oxford Open
Head editor(s) Oxford
Difficulty College regular
First mirror January 23, 2016
Announcement [N/A link]
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2016 Oxford Open was the fourth iteration of the tournament, and the fourth and last to be won by Chicago, or indeed any non-British team. It was edited by Oliver Clarke, George Corfield, Charlie Clegg, Joey Goldman, Daoud Jackson, Ewan MacAulay, Chris Stern and Spencer Weinreich.

Although Chicago had divided their best players between two teams, hoping to repeat their feats in 2014 and 2015 of having a Chicago A vs. Chicago B final, Chicago B took two losses in the playoffs and were kicked out of contention. Instead, Chicago A (John Lawrence, James Lasker, Alston Boyd, and Marianna Zhang) played Oxford Forever (Edmund Dickinson, Zachary Vermeer, Luke Pitcher, and Alex Bubb) in a single-packet advantaged final. This meant that if Chicago A won the first half-packet, they would win the match (and the tournament) without needing to play the second half. After Chicago had mathematically clinched the game, the tournament's organizers deliberately moved the most British tossup (which was slated to be Tossup 12) into the end of the first half to give Oxford Forever some consolation. Unfortunately for them, Chicago got it anyway.