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The Oxford Open is an open tournament written and hosted by Oxford. Its first four iterations were all won by teams from the University of Chicago, which flew out every year to compete. Two of these (2014 and 2015) featured Chicago v. Chicago finals. The earlier of these results led to a heated exchange on Facebook among various members of the British quizzing community, in part because the second-place team was led by then-freshman Morgan Venkus, partially due to this dominance on the watered down difficulty of the science. Since 2017, Oxford Open has been won by British teams.


Year Champion Second Third Editor Teams
2012 Marshall Steinbaum, Tyler Smith, Sam Bailey, Shantanu Jha Stephen Pearson, Gareth Aubrey, Nick Mills, Reuben Roy Bruce Arthur, Dallas Simons, Ted Gioia, Stephen Liu Kyle Haddad-Fonda 25
2014 John Lawrence, Ben Gammage, Charles Tian, Michael Coates Morgan Venkus, Doug Graebner, Luke Bretscher, Vinay Bhaskara 26
2015 John Lawrence, James Lasker, Kay Li, Jason Zhou Chris Ray, Max Schindler, Marianna Zhang, Athena Kern Ian Bayley, Mark Grant, Olav Bjortomt, Sean Carey 24
2016 John Lawrence, James Lasker, Alston Boyd, Marianna Zhang Edmund Dickinson, Zachary Vermeer, Luke Pitcher, Alex Bubb Chris Ray, Kai Smith, Athena Kern, Jason Zhou 24
2018 Jason Golfinos, Ewan MacAulay, Joseph Krol, Ephraim Kai Smith, Matthew Lehmann, Samir Khan, Halle Friedman Tris Cole, Hugh Bennett, Hugh Binnie, Jonathan Elliott 23
2019 Ewan MacAulay, Daoud Jackson, Joey Goldman, Ben Salter Joseph Krol, Marius Posa, Lillian Crawford, Nick Clanchy Kai Smith, Matthew Lehmann, Alston Boyd, Grant Li 24
2020 Evan Lynch, Daoud Jackson, Ewan MacAulay, Vitalijs Brejevs Mark Grant, Ian Bayley, Tris Cole Joseph Krol, Boyang Hou, Molly O'Gorman, Dan Lawson 22

Interestingly the 2012 Oxford Open was attended by the Milhous Warriors who are the two time International Quizzing Association European Champions.