Auroni Gupta

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Auroni Gupta
Noted Subjects:
General, literature, mythology, bio/chem
Current Collegiate Team Illinois (2019-)
Past Collegiate Teams Michigan (2015-17), UCSD (2008-2012; ?-2015)
High School Team Torrey Pines High School (2006-2008)
Middle School Team None

Auroni Gupta played for Michigan, which he led (with Will Nediger) to first place at the 2017 ICT and 2016 ACF Nationals. He restarted the quizbowl team at UCSD after playing high school quizbowl at Torrey Pines. More recently, he was on the winning teams at the 2015, 2017, and 2019 Chicago Opens. In the fall of 2019, he began a PhD program at Illinois.

Writing and Editing

Auroni writes and edits Fine Arts for HSAPQ, and has contributed to finishing other high school events such as No Name Tournament and Prison Bowl III.

Auroni's long record of writing and editing college questions includes:

ACF Nationals Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Matt Bollinger
Jordan Brownstein