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An Andrew Hart Grail is a term used when a team hears at least 10 bonuses in a packet and has a bonus conversion of 30, implying they answered all of the bonus questions correctly. The terms derive from the affinity Andrew Hart has for the bonus conversion statistic.

It was accomplished by middle school teams the following cases:

It was accomplished by high school teams in the following cases:

A regular Andrew Hart Grail is believed to have been accomplished on college questions five times (twice by college teams and once by a HS team):

  • Stanford at ACF Fall 2013 at UC Berkeley, defeating Berkeley A 475-155 while hearing 12 bonuses.
  • Yale A at ACF Fall 2013 at Harvard, defeating Cornell A 395 to 365 while hearing 10 bonuses.
  • Dorman at ACF Fall 2013 at Georgia Tech, defeating the College of Charleston 455-105 while hearing 12 bonuses.
  • Gateway Arch Tut-Tutting (Mike Sorice, Charlie Dees, Max Schindler, and Farzad Alikozai) twice at [Windy City Open 3], an open mirror of the Delta Burke set.
  • My Kife in the Bush of Ghosts (Dylan Minarik, Lloyd Sy, Evan Pandya, Alex Pandya) at the aforementioned Windy City Open 3, on one of the two packets the Sorice team also earned an Andrew Hart Grail on.

A Perfect Andrew Hart Grail is achieved when a team has a bonus conversion of 30 and hears all 20 bonuses in a packet. A Perfect Andrew Hart Grail is not known to have been accomplished at any level.

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