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BATE (Bloomfield Academic Tournament Experiment) was a high school tournament originally led by Nick Petrilli and Aaron Cohen. Other contributors include Ian Drayer, Sandy Huang, Matthew Greenbacker, Donald Taylor and Trygve Meade. The tournament was held at Bloomfield High School in New Jersey, UCLA, and Cosby High School in Virginia.

BATE 2 ran in fall 2010, and was head-edited by Aaron Cohen after Nick disappeared. The set was noted for its quality and difficulty [1].

With Nick's disappearance, Bloomfield High School has started to run a tournament known as BATE on IS sets. In 2011 and 2012, the tournament was unabashedly run on the same date as Prison Bowl.

BATE succeeded the "Bloomfield Academic Tournament of Excellence", which had 14 previous editions. [2] This predecessor seems to have been in the so-called "Jeopardy!" format that is popular in New Jersey.

The revived BATE ceased to run in 2015.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2009 Housewrite 24 Hunter A Hunter B Kellenberg A
2010 NAQT IS-94 28 Hunter A Bergen County Academies A Livingston A/Paramus Catholic A
2011 NAQT IS-104 14 Ranney A E.O. Smith A Livingston A/Livingston B
2012 NAQT IS-113 26 High Tech Millburn A Livingston A/Leonia A
2013 NAQT IS-124 30 Seton Hall Prep East Brunswick A Mountain Lakes A/Ranney
2015 (Spring) NAQT IS-144 28 Millburn A Livingston A Millburn B
2015 (Fall) NAQT IS-152 23 Manheim Township A Millburn A Manheim Township B