Ben Cohen

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Ben Cohen
Ben cohen.png
Noted Subjects:
History, George Costanza, and the Week of Modern Art
Current Collegiate Team Brown (2009–)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team New Trier (2006–2009)
Middle School Team None

Ben Cohen is a player at Brown, formerly of New Trier. He has established himself as one of the best history players in the Northeast surprising many with his quality buzzes on seemingly opaque clues. He was an important member of the Brown team that won the Div II title at the 2010 ICT.

He is also well known for leading a defection against Brown's humor magazine The Brown Jug[1] due to his dissatisfaction with their petty bourgeois sensibilities, leading him to found his own avant-garde online humor magazine that has now been transferred to humor articles that can be found on his Facebook page.

Ben is also a nascent creative writer often regaling members of Brown's teams with dramatic readings of his plays on long car trips, but Jerry Vinokurov has criticized Cohen's writing as "terrible."

High School

He was the twelfth individual scorer at the 2008 HSNCT and the top scorer on the team. Ben was the leading scorer at 2008 Earlybird with 106 PPG, the leading scorer at 2008 Wildcat with 135 PPG, and the fourth individual scorer at Illinois' 2008 EFT mirror (playing against mostly college teams) with 83 PPG. He placed fourth at the 2008 Scobol Solo. In 2009, he was the fourth individual scorer at Northwestern's mirror of TIT, the top scorer at NIU's Huskie Bowl, the top scorer at Loyburn, and the second overall scorer at the HSNCT (82.96 PP20TU) as he led his team to an eleventh-place finish.


Ben won a Div II title at the 2010 ICT with Guy Tabachnick and Ian Eppler. He now plays on Brown's A-team with Guy, Ian, and Aaron Rosenberg.