Aaron Rosenberg

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Aaron Rosenberg
Noted Subjects:
Music, Science, Reform Judaism
Current Collegiate Team
Past Collegiate Teams Brown (2008-2011) Illinois (2013-2014)
High School Team Langley
Middle School Team None

Aaron Rosenberg was a player at Brown and the University of Illinois.

High School

Aaron played for Langley and showed great promise, though he wouldn't really emerge on the scene until college.


Aaron showed up to Brown during the 2008 season and immediately strove to cut a niche for himself in the distribution. He notably wrote a packet for the 2007 incarnation of Bulldogs Over Broadway that outclassed many others written by much more experienced teams, and was part of the team that placed 2nd at ACF Fall 2007. Aaron also carried the flag at the Harvard mirror of 2008 Illinois Novice, where himself, Lisa Qing, and Catherine Ono won 2nd place in the novice division (with Aaron and Lisa winning 1st and 2nd individual prizes in the process). In addition to all of these other accomplishments, Aaron was part of the Brown team that finished 2nd to Chicago at ACF Nationals and 4th at ICT in 2008.

The next year, Aaron's fine arts, science and generalist knowledge continued to grow, and he managed to become one of the country's best music players during this time. He was second scorer on the team that won 2nd at 2009 ACF Nationals and also helped Brown to top-bracket finishes at both nationals in 2010.

While completing a masters in engineering, Aaron racked up several more high-level national finishes, most notably a victory at 2013 ACF Nationals while playing with Ike Jose, Billy Busse, and Austin Listerud.

After retiring from his excellent playing career, Aaron currently works for the US Naval Research Laboratory.

Writing/Editing Work

Notable Tournaments