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The Rogues' Gallery of villains, rivals, and eternal enemies of Ganon Evans. The list fluctuates for various crimes, such as saying Ganon has "5'9" energy," posting his struggle tweets, (correctly) pointing out his baldness, or just being Grant. A Player Haters Ball may be organized at a future ACF Nationals for members of the list. Members of the list actually all have a great amount of respect and appreciation from Ganon, but he'll never admit this.

-Ganon Evans

The Biggest Haters List is a list compiled by ACF Member Ganon Evans as part of his online heel turn. It consists of individuals who have slighted Ganon in various minor ways and is intended to exist as a comedic foil to his affable personality.


The first mention of Ganon's concept of a quiz bowl "Rogue's Gallery" came in 2020, with its members being "Dr. Bike Cheyne" and the Riddler;[1] like most other uses on the Discord, it likely stems from an appreciation for comic books and their villains. The idea would return in 2022, where it would see the return of "Dr. Bike"[2] and new haters like Gr*nt.[3] This narrative grew in prominence as 2022 ACF Nationals approached and came alongside other troll-like actions as:

  • "accidentally" dropping a file named "ACF_NATIONALS_2022_Editors_1-_DO_NOT_SHARE.pdf" during day one of 2022 ACF Nationals that contained only a picture of Megamind with caption "NO PACKET?"[4]
  • creating a collection of ACF NFTs[5]

Biggest Haters List

Rank Name
1 Mia McGill
2 Grant Peet
3 Mike Cheyne
4 Chandler West
5 Andrew Wang
6 Michael Kearney
7 Henry Atkins
8 Henry Goff
9 Jonathen Settle
10 Erik Christensen
11 Caroline Mao
12 Lia Rathburn
13 Taylor Harvey
14 Ryan Rosenberg
15 Tim Morrison
16 Eric Mukherjee


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