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Bulldogs over Broadway, or BoB, was a packet-submission tournament held by the Yale team in the mid-2000s. It was noted for its low quality and the inconsistency of its submissions.

The 2004 and 2005 incarnations of a tournament called BoB appear to have been edited by Mike Wehrman.

2006 Incarnation

The 2007 BoB was edited by Mike Wehrman. A team of Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee, Evan Lazer, and Philip Grice won the tournament, with Rutgers coming in second. Vinokurov also won the individual scoring title. [1] Stats can be found here

2007 Incarnation

The 2007 version was edited by Mike Bilow, Mike Wehrman, and the rest of the group. Packets varied somewhat wildly in both quality and difficulty and several documented cases of questionable editing decisions were found, but the tournament had that intangible quality that made it a lot of fun despite that. Jerry Vinokurov noted that the packets seemed to win a lot. [2]

The tournament itself was won by a team consisting of Jerry Vinokurov, Jonathan Magin, Eric Mukherjee, and Charles Meigs, who came together because the Maryland contingent didn't want to write a full packet. The team played as "Stars of High School Quizbowl", adopting the names Chris Ray, Mitu Ramgopal, Charlie Dees, and Rebecca Fischer respectively. Second place was won by a Harvard team of Ted Gioia, John Lesieutre, Adam Hallowell, and Bruce Arthur. [3]

The wisdom of pasting together the greater half of two of the top teams in the nation for a non-open, largely local tournament was questionable at best and downright unfair at worst - especially considering that the team cleared the field by 6 ppb and the four members scored in the top 6 individual places. Results can be found here.

BoB was discontinued thereafter and no one misses it.