Ted Gioia

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Ted Gioia
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Arts, Opera, 20th century Drama, Social Science, and Evelyn Waugh
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Harvard (2008-2012)
High School Team Gonzaga (2005-2007)
Middle School Team None
Not to confused with Thomas Gioia - see Gioia for details

Theodore Jasper "Ted" Gioia played quizbowl at Harvard; during his tenure there, he was considered one of two or three best active literature players in the game.

Ted was the head editor for KLEE, both incarnations of Harvard International, and the 2008 T-Party. He also was an editor for 2008 ACF Fall, 2009 ACF Regionals, 2010 ACF Regionals, 2011 ACF Regionals. and 2014 ACF Nationals. He is one of the most outspoken advocates for questions testing deep knowledge of canonical literature (or "core" works) and is also known for his hatred of common link literature tossups.

High School

Ted lead a high-level Gonzaga College High School team, which, among other notable results, won 5th place at 2007 PACE NSC. He was also a two-time PACE all-star.


His time at Harvard has seen some notable victories, including several wins at sub-national events and a high finish at ACF Nationals 2009. He was part of the second place team at the 2009 Chicago Open with Eric Mukherjee, Jerry Vinokurov, and Dallas Simons. Ted also placed third at the 2009 Chicago Open Literature Tournament finishing with the second most powers in the field while playing on a balanced team with Jerry Vinokurov (scoring 80 ppg to Jerry's 65 ppg). As an editor he edited literature and arts for the highly praised 2010 ACF Regionals and 2011 ACF Regionals.

Ted is currently living the #baylife.


Notable Tournaments