George Oppen

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George Oppen
Competition season 2014-15
Head editor(s) Auroni Gupta
Difficulty College hard
First mirror February 25, 2015
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George Oppen was a hard open tournament written for use in spring 2015. It was produced almost entirely by Auroni Gupta, with help from Stephen Eltinge on physics and other science and Mike Cheyne on trash. The tournament ended up being very hard.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Mid-Atlantic Maryland February 21, 2015 Gaurav Kandlikar Martha Stewart's Lime Privilege (Tejas Raje, Matt Weiner, Matt Jackson, Jerry Vinokurov) Stanford Matt Bollinger Stats
Northeast Columbia February 21, 2015 Aidan Mehigan Harvard Will Alston, Doug Yetman, Chip Horton, and Evan Alvarez Jacob Reed Stats
South Alabama February 21, 2015 Jake Sundberg Billy Collins (Billy Beyer, Nick Collins, and Madeline Carlisle) Only You Can Prevent Negstorms (Ramapriya Rangaraju, Kai Smith, Nick Conder, and Michael Smith) Billy Beyer Stats
West UCSD February 21, 2015 Auroni Gupta A Magical Device Called a Cellphine (Mike Bentley, Alejandro Lopez-Lago, Jeremy Eaton, and Brittany Bentley) Arizona State Eric Bobrow Stats
Canada Queen's February 28, 2015 Joe Su "Cody Voight" (Jordan Palmer, Aayush Rajasekaran, Eric Monkman, Jay Misuk, and Neil Walford) ? ? Partial stats
Midwest Illinois February 28, 2015 Andrew Wang Michigan WUSTL Will Nediger Stats

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