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Competition season 2008-2009
Head editor(s) Fred Morlan, Evan Nagler
Difficulty regular
First mirror 2/28/09 and 3/1/09
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GARBAGE was a packet sub trash tournament edited by Fred Morlan and Evan Nagler and held on the week of 2009 ACF Regionals. Much like TRASH Regionals, GARBAGE was intended to be the trash equivalent of a regular-difficulty event.


The quality of tournament was generally praised for trying to apply principles of good quiz bowl to a trash set, with typical complaints highlighting the number of repeats and a handful of bad questions. There was also mild criticism towards Mike Sorice's packet coming from a young Chris Ray.

The discussion is most memorable for harboring two separate threads of conversation that ended up in the Forbidden Zone: one criticizing a direct quote of Dave Chapelle in a question lead-in, and another in which a player complained ineffectually about the low difficulty of the set.

"When was the last time you were at a regular difficulty academic tournament? They use questions no one in the room has ever heard of even when they say the answer." - quote from the second thread directed at Mike Cheyne, who had played 7 regular difficulty or above academic tournaments that year
"um did you ever think you are just stupid?" - another quote from the second thread, directed at Chris Ray