2009 ACF Regionals

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ACF Regionals 2009 was held over the weekend of February 28, 2009, at seven regional sites throughout the United States. This tournament was head-edited by Jonathan Magin, who was assisted by Eric Mukherjee. The set was praised for its quality, though many sites received the packets late [1].

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer
South Mississippi State Harry Nelson Alabama School of Fine Arts Alabama A Alvin Shi
Midwest Chicago Nolan Esser Chicago A Minnesota A Charlie Dees
Northeast Harvard Brian Young Harvard Brown Jerry Vinokurov
Mid-Atlantic Swarthmore Josh Sokol Maryland A CMU Ike Jose
West Stanford Phil Shiu Stanford A Stanford B Andrew Yaphe
Southeast Georgia Tech Amy Varallo South Carolina Dorman Robert Harden
Southwest Tulsa Angelo Malabanan Missouri State Oklahoma Jason Loy


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