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The Gateway Invitational Tournament (GIT) was a collegiate tournament hosted annually by Washington University in St. Louis. The tournament lasted for at least fourteen years and began as a packet submission event, before becoming an NAQT IS set tournament. Later editions were a mirror of Valencia Community College's Delta Burke novice tournament.



GIT XIII was an NAQT IS set tournament which occurred on November 1st, 2009 when it was won by Illinois B, which consisted of Mike Sorice playing solo, over Illinois A. Illinois B went undefeated in the preliminary round robin, going 9-0, but lost the first game of an advantaged final to 8-1 Illinois A before coming back to take the tournament championship. Sorice was also the tournament's top scorer with 153.89 PPG--which was, at the time, an all-time record for an NAQT college tournament. [1] The event was criticized on the Quizbowl Resource Center Forums for being an IS set event, a possible reason why it was the tournament transitioned from being run on IS sets the next year. [2]


GIT XIV was a mirror of Valencia Community College's Delta Burke novice tournament which occurred on November 7th, 2009, when it was won by Washington University's house team over Missouri Science and Technology A, which consisted of Matt Chadbourne playing solo. WUSTL's house team cleared the field, going 9-1 with one loss to Drake, while MS&T went 7-3. Chadbourne was also the top scorer with 102.86 PPG in the preliminary rounds. [3] The tournament consisted of 8 teams which played a preliminary round robin before rebracketing into upper and lower brackets of 4 teams to play a second round robin. [4]

In addition, GIT XIV was noteworthy for featuring the first team consisting of Missouri high schoolers to play in a collegiate event hosted in Missouri. Though previous Missouri players such as Charlie Dees and Charles Hang had attended summer opens in the past, while Ike Jose notably played at and won a Division II title at ACF Nationals 2009 hosted at WUSTL in the previous year, this was the first tournament taking place in the regular season in Missouri to see a high school team compete. The high school team, named "The Gecko Command Squad" and led by Ikshu Neithalath and Charlie Fritz, took 6th, placing ahead of Missouri Science and Technology B and Illinois A, while Neithalath was a high scorer, coming in 8th. [5]

Finally, GIT XIV was noteworthy for post tournament drama over the existance of tournament statistics. A failure to post statistics in the week immediately following the tournament resulted in repeated reminders on the Quizbowl Resource Center Forums by various participants and then a conflict between Donald Taylor and Sean Phillips after Phillips responded angrily to a comment by Taylor after Illinois Open about whether tournament hosts who fail to upload stats should be hosting tournaments, probably after thinking that the comment was related to GIT XIV. [6]


Following a one-year hiatus, GIT returned in 2011 and was held on November 12 of that year. GIT XV was directed by Spencer Fish. After 2011's edition, it appears that the tournament was apparently terminated, and no GIT tournaments have been held since.