2021 ACF Regionals

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The 2021 ACF Regionals took place online the weekend of January 30, 2021 at ten different sites throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Breaking with recent precedent, 2021 ACF Regionals was not used as a qualifier for 2021 ACF Nationals, due in large part to the online nature of the 2020-21 season. The tournament was edited by a large group of editors. Head editor Jaimie Carlson was joined by editors Annabelle Yang, Hari Parameswaran, Hasna Karim, Jonathan Tran, Jordan Brownstein, Michael Kearney, Natan Holtzman, Nick Dai, Nitin Rao, Stephen Eltinge, and Tim Morrison.

2021 ACF Regionals was notable for taking advantage of the online format to host a "supersite" mirror of the set. ACF invited the teams deemed to be the fourteen best teams to play at one "Invitational" site. Berkeley A, Cambridge A, Chicago A, Columbia A, Florida A, Harvard A, Illinois A, Maryland A, Minnesota A, MIT A, Ohio State A, Oxford A, Stanford A, and Texas A were invited to and played at the "supersite" mirror. ACF did not announce their criteria for determining the best teams, which led to some controversy surrounding the teams that were chosen, such as the omission of Brown A.


Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
Invitational ACF Alex Damisch Chicago A Harvard A Will Alston [1]
Southeast Georgia Tech Tejas Santanam Vanderbilt A Vanderbilt B Sean Farrell [2]
Northeast Yale Daniel Sheinberg Brown Harvard B Ryan Bilger [3]
South Central Nebraska Jackson Bartak WUSTL A Northwestern A Charles Hang [4]
North Minnesota Tora Husar and Rob Carson Chicago B Chicago C Jakob Boeye [5]
Upper Mid-Atlantic NYU Theresa Nyowheoma Princeton A Columbia B Alex Schmidt [6]
United Kingdom Imperial Conor McMeel Oxford A (Oxford A played at the Invitational site; the team designated Oxford A here was the traditional Oxford B) Southampton A Evan Lynch [7]
West USC and UW Alice Jiang, Amol Patil, and Kevin Kodama UBC A UC Davis Nick Jensen [8]
Eastern Canada Toronto Joshua Lane McGill Toronto A Ian Dewan [9]
High School Independent Nick Dai and Connor Rankin Lambert St. Mark's School of Texas Aadi Karthik [10]