Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet

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Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet
Nashville, TN
Coaches None (team inactive)
National Appearances HSNCT: 2005-2010, 2012
Program Status inactive (as of 2021)
School Size Unknown
NAQT Page link
Not to be confused with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tournament.

Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School is a magnet high school located in Nashville, Tennessee. Regionally and nationally active since 2006, this school has hosted the 2006-2009 Virgilian tournaments. The team has been largely inactive since the graduations of Dallas Simons and Cody Simons in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Previously MLK tied for 25th at the 2005 HSNCT, tied for 13th at the 2006 HSNCT, placed second at the 2007 NSC, tied for 7th at the 2008 HSNCT, tied for 43rd at the 2009 HSNCT, tied for 65th at the 2010 HSNCT, and placed 173rd at the 2012 HSNCT.