Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tournament

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MLK was an annual tournament put on by the University of Michigan over Martin Luther King Day weekend, since at least 1996. An incarnation of this tournament was also run at Georgia Tech during the 1990s with the earliest surviving set dating from 1994. It was regularly accompanied by the Ann B. Davis trash tournament.

From 1996 to 2004, the tournament used NAQT timing rules, including a nine-minute clock. In 2005, the clock was expanded to ten minutes per half to allow for more ACF-style tossups. In 2006, the clock was dropped altogether. The tournament featured powers starting in 2004.

In 2008, MLK was a mirror of Terrapin.[1][2] In 2009, MLK was replaced with ACF Winter (in an agreement that guaranteed Michigan hosting rights to the Midwest site).[3][4]

In 2016, there were ten mirrors of "MLK XVII," a regular difficulty question set edited by Michigan (Auroni Gupta, Will Nediger, Brian McPeak, Kenji Golimlim, Siddhant Dogra, Justin Millman, Noah Chen), and guest contributor Cody Voight.[5][6] The use of the Roman numeral "XVII" may have been due to a prior version of this article claiming that the nonexistent 2009 MLK was "MLK XVI."


MLK iteration Date Champion Second Editors Field size Notes
MLK I January 13, 1996 Iowa State A Ohio State A 21 Stats
MLK II January 14, 1997
MLK III January 17, 1998
MLK IV January 16, 1999 Chicago A Chicago B Craig Barker et al. 20 Stats
MLK V January 13, 2000 Chicago A Penn State A Craig Barker et al. 27 Stats
MLK VI January 13, 2001 Chicago B Kentucky Noel Erinjeri, Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Paul Litvak, Ben Heller, et al. 14 Stats
MLK VII January 19, 2002 Chicago E Kentucky Dave Thorsley 24 Stats
MLK VIII January 18, 2003 Chicago A Kentucky Dave Thorsley et al. 24 Stats
MLK IX January 17, 2004 Chicago A Rochester A Adam Kemezis et al. 28 Stats
MLK X January 15, 2005 Rochester A Chicago B Adam Kemezis, Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Leo Wolpert 28 Stats
MLK XI January 14, 2006 Chicago E Chicago A Ryan Westbrook, Dave Rappaport, Will Turner 22 Stats
MLK XII January 13, 2007 Chicago B Chicago A Ryan Westbrook, Dave Rappaport, Will Turner 20 Stats
MLK XIII January 19, 2008 Chicago A Illinois A Jonathan Magin, Mike Bentley, et al. 18 Stats A mirror of Terrapin.