2007 NSC

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Champion Maggie Walker
Runner-up MLK Magnet
Third Thomas Jefferson and Dorman
High scorer Kurtis Droge, East Lansing
Editor/s PACE
Site Michigan
Field 36

The 2007 National Scholastic Championship was won by Maggie Walker, consisting of Will Butler, Mark Guerci, Mehdi Razvi, and Evan Adams. The tournament was held June 9-10, 2007, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tournament results

Maggie Walker beat MLK in the championship game 580-225. The two semi-finalists were Dorman and Thomas Jefferson. After the playoffs left one of the two 6-team brackets with a three-way tie, three 5-question minigames eliminated Stuyvesant from the tournament.

Individual results

The top five scorers at the tournament (through the prelim rounds) were Kurtis Droge of East Lansing, Douglas Yetman of Stuyvesant, Dallas Simons of MLK, Ted Gioia of Gonzaga and Ben Schenkel of Moravian respectively.

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