Matthew Lehmann

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Matthew Lehmann
Noted subjects History, General
Current college WUSTL
Past colleges Chicago
High school Barrington
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Matthew Lehmann is a current law student and player for WUSTL and former player for Chicago and Barrington High School. He was named an honorable mention member of the 2016 HSQBRank All-World Teams and a member of the 2017 first team. During the preliminaries of the 2017 PACE NSC, Lehmann led the field in powers. In college, he was part of the Chicago C team which won the Division II Championship at the 2018 ICT and as part of Chicago A appeared in the finals of 2019 ACF Nationals. He is regarded as one of the best active history players. He wrote for 2019 EFT, edited Prison Bowl XI, and provided editing assistance for 2020 ACF Fall.