NAQT Southern California State Championship

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The NAQT Southern California Championship (colloquially known as SoCal States) is the state regionals held in the San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties of California.

Traditionally, the tournament has been hosted on an IS set, although the 2018 iteration of the tournament used an SCT-DII set. In 2021, the West Coast Championship used STASH, a nationals-level housewrite. DMA was used for the 2023 tournament.


Date Host Teams First Second Third Fourth
20001 Caltech 14? Edison A Pasadena Polytechnic A2 Palos Verdes Peninsula2 Capistrano Valley A2
20011 Pasadena Polytechnic 10 Los Alamitos Capistrano Valley Archbishop Riordan Santa Monica A
20021 UCI 9 Los Alamitos3 Capistrano Valley3 Woodbridge3 ?
20031 UCI 14 Bentley San Dieguito Capistrano Valley4 Dana Hills4
2004 UCLA ? Santa Monica A ? ? ?
2005 UCLA ? Santa Monica A ? ? ?
2006 UCLA 20 Santa Monica A San Dieguito A Edison Arcadia A
2007 Caltech ? ? ? ? ?
2008 UCI 16 Santa Monica A Rancho Bernardo A Edison Santa Monica B
2009 Caltech 19 Rancho Bernardo A Santa Monica A Arcadia A Rancho Bernardo B
2010 UCLA 24 Torrey Pines A Rancho Bernardo A La Jolla B La Jolla A
2011 UCLA 14 Torrey Pines Rancho Bernardo University Arcadia A4
2012 La Jolla 21 Canyon Crest A4 Arcadia A4 Santa Monica A Arcadia B4
2013 Irvine 30 Arcadia A Westview A Arcadia B Santa Monica A
2014 Irvine 18 Torrey Pines A Arcadia A North Hollywood A Capistrano Valley A
2015 Westview 26 North Hollywood La Jolla4 Canyon Crest A4 Torrey Pines A4
2016 Irvine 14 La Jolla A Westview Rancho Bernardo A Torrey Pines
2017 Westview 30 Canyon Crest A Arcadia A Torrey Pines Rancho Bernardo A
2018 Arcadia 10 Canyon Crest A Canyon Crest B Irvine A4 North Hollywood A4

Santa Monica A4

2019 UCSD 18 Westview A Santa Monica B5 Del Norte A4 Scripps Ranch A4

Arcadia A4

2020 UCSD 18 Arcadia B5 Del Norte A Westview A Santa Monica A
20216 Online 38 Arcadia A Westview A Stanford Online6 4 Irvington A6 4
2022 UCSD 10 Arcadia A7 Arcadia B7 Del Norte A Arcadia C
2023 UCSD 12 Del Norte Canyon Crest A Westview A Olympian4

Rancho Bernardo A4

1. From 2000 to 2003 the tournament was called the "NAQT California State Championship" and the field included one school from Northern California.
2. May have been a three-way tie for second place.
3. Three-way tie for first after a round robin was settled by a three-team tiebreaker match, with final scores Los Alamitos 425, Capistrano Valley 125, Woodbridge 105
4. Tie.
5. Rosters for A and B teams were switched.
6. Combined (online) "West Coast Championship" with Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.
7. Arcadia A and B were solo teams of Amogh Kulkarni and Ryan Sun, respectively.


  • In 2004 (though it might have been TWAIN 2003 instead), a player from Santa Ana Valley High School held the dubious distinction of being the tournament's leading scorer while leading his team to a last-place finish.
  • In 2006, Santa Monica B's victory over Arcadia A, which would have placed them in the top 4, was thrown out after a bizarre protest situation in which a player for Santa Monica B lit a cigarette around tossup 3 or 4 of the match. Naturally, Charles Meigs was moderating this match.