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Northwestern University
NU logo.jpg
Evanston, IL
Current President or Coach Justin Jasperse
National championships none
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Northwestern University is a large private university located in Evanston, Illinois.

In a noted "Cinderella run" at 2017 ICT, the Northwestern team consisting of Dylan Minarik, Greg Peterson, Adam Silverman, and Max Rong pulled off four upsets in the playoffs (over Yale, Maryland, Chicago, and Stanford) and a second-place finish (to Michigan).[1][2][3]

Northwestern was the host site for 2005 ACF Nationals, the 2011 NSC, the 2012 College National Championships of the National History Bowl, and the 2018 Chicago Open, 2019 Chicago Open and 2021 Chicago Open, as well as 2021 ACF Nationals (with the latter two held only two weeks apart).

Throughout the season, Northwestern Quizbowl hosts Wake-Up Call (a high school novice tournament), Wildcat (a varsity high school tournament), and Jr. Wildcat (a middle school tournament) and usually mirrors a regular-difficulty college tournament.


Nikhil Chellam (2020-), Rohin Devanathan (2020-), Jack Izzo (2019-), Justin Jasperse (2019-), Beni Keown (2019-), Jake Lyons (2018-), Andrew Salij (2019-), Adam Silverman (2016-), Chris Sims (2020-), Sheldon Wong (2018-)

Former Players

Colby Burnett (2001-05), Andy Wehrman (2004-05), Anant Shah (2008-12), Cory Haala (2009-12), Dan Donohue (2010-14), Adam Sperber (2010-14), Kevin Malis (2011-15), Dylan Minarik (2013-17), Greg Peterson (2015-18), Jack Drummond (2017-21)