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Saturday, October 15, 2022


  1. Cambridge A beats Birmingham A in the first game of a two-game final @ Warwick[1]
  2. Yale A clears the field and MIT A takes second @ Harvard[2]
  3. Oklahoma A ends with a 4-2 record in playoffs after bringing in a 2-1 prelim record @ Oklahoma (online)[3]
  4. Berkeley B beats Berkeley A in the final @ Berkeley[4]
  5. Johns Hopkins A wins a final against Virginia A after winning their championship bracket 4-1 @ Maryland[5]
  6. through some sequence of events, Notre Dame wins @ Michigan[6]
  7. Missouri S&T A wins after beating Illinois A in the final @ Missouri[7]
  8. Ohio State B takes first and Columbia C gets second based on record as finals were omitted for time @ Columbia (online)[8]

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