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RMPFest (colloquially known as Brucefest) was a novelty tournament edited by Bruce Arthur. Every question at RMPFest falls under the ACF category of "Religion, Mythology, and Philosophy", commonly abbreviated as RMP. The tournament was run as a side event to Illinois Open.


The inaugural RMP Fest: Apophasis is a False God was edited by Bruce Arthur (RM) and Michael Arnold (P); other writers included William Dix, Seth Kendall, Evan Nagler, Charles Meigs, Chris Chiego, and Grace Li.

2008 RMPFest packets consisted of 20 tossups, with the following distribution:

  • 13 Mythology and Religion
  • 5 Philosophy
  • 2 Other Thought (including political theory, social science, linguistics, etc.)

The Illinois site featured six teams playing a double round-robin. The tournament was won by a team of Seth Teitler, Mike Sorice and Andrew Ullsperger (Stats). The Maryland site was won by a team of Matt Weiner and Jonathan Magin while the Berkeley site ran one room of seven solo players, with Andrew Yaphe answering the most tossups.


RMPFest 2: Hay any Worke for Cooper? was edited by Bruce Arthur (RM) and Shantanu Jha (P); other writers included Dominic Machado (classical mythology).

The 21 tossup packets were split into the following distribution:

  • 7 Mythology
  • 7 Religion
  • 7 Philosophy