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Regular-plus difficulty or regs+ difficulty is a difficulty level between regular difficulty and nationals difficulty.

High School

In high-school quizbowl, regular-plus difficulty is generally defined by question sets like HFT and BHSAT, which seek to facilitate higher-level competition than regular-difficulty sets and better prepare teams for nationals. NAQT's Division II SCT sets, often used at high-school NAQT State Championships, are also considered regular-plus difficulty.


In collegiate quizbowl, regular-plus difficulty typically refers to sets like CMST and Terrapin Open that are harder than ACF Regionals and easier than ACF Nationals. It is equivalent to "3.5 dots" on Ophir's difficulty scale, and is also referred to as "Regionals-plus" or "pre-nationals" difficulty. However, recent efforts to redefine "regular difficulty" have thrown the meaning of regular-plus difficulty into doubt.

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