Fernando Arrabal Tournament of the Absurd

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Fernando Arrabal Tournament of the Absurd
Competition season 2013-14
Head editor(s) Jerry Vinokurov
Difficulty Extremely hard
First mirror November 23, 2013
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The Fernando Arrabal Tournament of the Absurd, often shortened to Arrabal, was an extremely difficult tournament written for the fall of 2013 by Jerry Vinokurov, with assistance from Miriam Nussbaum and Cody Voight. Its name is often used to refer to the upper end of difficulty and to sets which aspire to that mark.

The tournament was played in two instances on November 23, 2013: one at Carnegie Mellon one online over Skype. The in-person site was marked by a notably virtuosic performance by Will Nediger, who scored more than twice as many points as any other player while teaming up with the second place scorer, Seth Teitler.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Main site Carnegie Mellon November 23, 2013 Jerry Vinokurov Trauma Ride on Energized Obliques (Sam Bailey, Selene Koo, Will Nediger, and Seth Teitler) Unscheduled Combustion, Metallurgy, and Irony (John Lawrence, Rob Carson, Michael Hausinger, and Chris Ray) Will Nediger Stats
Online Washington and Online November 23, 2013 Mike Bentley Michigan State & Ike Jose India (Auroni Gupta, Mik Larsen, and Mike Cheyne) Auroni Gupta Stats

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