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An NAQT State Qualifier is a state level tournament run on NAQT supplied questions and generally adhering to NAQT rules. In many states, the qualifier serves as the (or as a) state championship tournament. While finishing in the top 15% of the field in most tournaments run on NAQT questions will qualify a team for the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT), the winner of a state qualifier automatically qualifies for the HSNCT.

In some states, the tournament is termed a state championship tournament, and may be one of several, or the only state tournament for that state. In some cases the tournaments did not start as NAQT state qualifiers, but evolved to become one by adopting NAQT questions and rules.

Special Cases

  • California hosts two state qualifiers.
  • The District of Columbia and Maryland host a combined state tournament.
  • Florida hosted a single state qualifier from 2003-2012, and then started hosting two state qualifiers.
  • While New Hampshire held its own state qualifier in 2011, it has otherwise participated in Vermont's state qualifier.
  • New York currently holds two state qualifiers. In 2008, 09, and 11 it held a single tournament.
  • Similar to Florida, Pennsylvania had a single state qualifier from 2008-2011, and then started hosting two state qualifiers.

List of State Qualifiers

State Tournament

ASCA State Championship

previous qualifier assumed by ASCA

Alaska none
Arizona NAQT Arizona State Championship
Arkansas defunct

NAQT Northern California State Championship

NAQT Southern California State Championship

Colorado NAQT Colorado State Championship
Connecticut NAQT Connecticut State Championship
Delaware NAQT Delaware State Championship
District of Columbia see Maryland

NAQT North Florida Championship

NAQT South Florida Championship

previous tournament now split

Georgia GATA State
Hawai'i none
Idaho NAQT Idaho State Championship
Illinois NAQT Illinois State Championship
Indiana Rotary Club Indiana Quizbowl State Championship
Iowa NAQT Iowa State Championship
Kansas none
Kentucky NAQT Kentucky State Championship
Louisiana NAQT Louisiana State Championship
Maine none
Maryland/District of Columbia NAQT Maryland/DC State Championship
Massachusetts NAQT Massachusetts State Championship
Michigan NAQT Michigan State Championship
Minnesota NAQT Minnesota State Championship
Mississippi NAQT Mississippi State Championship
Missouri NAQT Missouri Qualifier
Montana none
Nebraska none
Nevada NAQT Nevada State Championship
New Hampshire

see Vermont

defunct state tournament

New Jersey NAQT New Jersey State Championship
New Mexico none
New York

NAQT Upstate New York State Championship

NAQT Metro New York State Championship

North Carolina NCASA State Championship
North Dakota none
Ohio NAQT Ohio State Championship
Oklahoma NAQT Oklahoma State Championship
Oregon none

NAQT Eastern Pennsylvania State Championship

NAQT Western Pennsylvania State Championship

previous tournament now split

Rhode Island none
South Carolina NAQT South Carolina State Championship
South Dakota none
Tennessee NAQT Tennessee State Championship
Texas TQBA State Championship
Utah none
Vermont/New Hampshire NAQT Vermont State Championship
Virginia NAQT Virginia State Championship
Washington NAQT Washington State Championship
West Virginia West Virginia State Championship
Wisconsin NAQT Wisconsin State Championship
Wyoming none

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