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Rollapalooza is a college tournament hosted by Missouri S&T. Early editions of the tournament were mACF; however, more recent editions of the tournament have used NAQT IS questions. In 2009 Rollapalooza returned to mACF format.

Rollapalooza X

The most recent edition of Rollapalooza was held on February 14, 2009, and was a mirror of Stanford's Cardinal Classic. The tournament announcement can be found here.

As the quizbowl club at Missouri S&T is no longer active, it is unknown whether Rollapalooza will ever occur again.

Tournament History

Rollapalooza Date Champion Runner-Up Field Size Individual High Scorer Results Question source
Rollapalooza X February 14, 2009 Illinois Missouri State 6 Mike Sorice Results Mirror of Cardinal Classic
Rollapalooza IX April 19, 2008 Illinois A WUSTL C 7 Mike Sorice Results NAQT IS-76
Rollapalooza VIII October 21, 2006 Illinois Truman State A 12 Mike Sorice Results NAQT IS-62
Rollapalooza VII October 15, 2005 WUSTL A Oklahoma State A 13 Jeremy Hixson Results NAQT IS-54
Rollapalooza VI October 23, 2004 Missouri A WUSTL 9 Jason Mueller Results NAQT IS-46
Rollapalooza V October 18, 2003 Arkansas Willis 10 Steve Gill Results NAQT IS-37
Rollapalooza IV October 19, 2002 Iowa A Arkansas 14 Jason Mueller Results ?
Rollapalooza III October 20, 2001 Illinois A Illinois B 14 Chris Vicich Results ?
Rollapalooza II October 14, 2000 Oklahoma A Wichita State A unknown Henry Herron Results ?
Rollapalooza I October 2, 1999 Illinois A Arkansas A 23 Mike Wehrman Results ?