The Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence

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The Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence (often shortened to Chris McCray) is a packet submission trash tournament held at Maryland. It is named for Maryland basketball drop out Chris McCray.

Chris McCray II

The second incarnation of Chris McCray, held on January 20th, 2008, was a mirror of the Ann B. Davis tournament, and as such could not match the levels of awesome found in its previous incarnation.

Chris McCray I

The first incarnation of Chris McCray took place in June of 2007. The chief editor was Mike Bentley, while Jonathan Magin, Dan Goff and Chris Ray helped out with the sports editing and other Maryland members like Brittany Clark and Jeremy Eaton helped out with writing questions and some of the editing.

It was mirrored at Oklahoma and UTC. Oklahoma, led by Jeremy Hixson, contributed four editors' packets to the tournament.

Like the previous Maryland trash tournament, ASS, Chris McCray was intended to have a distribution friendlier to undergraduate and high school players than that of TRASH.

Future Iterations

This tournament was succeeded by CULT and COLT, other national trash tournaments written mainly by Mike Bentley.