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University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Current President or Coach Rishi Nair
National championships none
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The University of Alberta is a public university in Edmonton, Alberta. Its quizbowl club was founded in September of 2011 and is currently the only Canadian club west of Ontario. To date, Alberta has been the highest placing Canadian team at every single tournament it has ever attended.


The following is a complete list of all tournaments ever participated in by the club, either officially or unofficially.

  1. 2011 ACF Fall - McMaster - 1st out of 14 (Sinan Ulusoy playing solo) Stats
  2. 2012 ACF Regionals - Houston, TX - 6th out of 18 (Sinan Ulusoy, Mitchell Schultze, Igor Kasic) 2
  3. Pennance - MIT - 4th out of 12 (Trevor Davis, Sinan Ulusoy, Mitchell Schultze) 3
  4. 2013 ACF Nationals - New York, NY - Tie-10th out of 36 (Trevor Davis, Sinan Ulusoy, Igor Kasic, Rishi Nair)Playoff stats

To date, this is the only time a Canadian team has placed in the top bracket at ACF Nationals

  1. Michigan Fall Tournament - Ottawa, ON - 1st out of 12 (Sinan Ulusoy, Igor Kasic, James Lin) and 2nd out of 12 (Trevor Davis, Mitchell Schultze, John Yoon) 5
  2. 2013 Penn Bowl - Ottawa, ON - 1st out of 9 (Trevor Davis, Sinan Ulusoy) and 3rd out of 9 (Mitchell Schultze, Igor Kasic, John Yoon, James Lin) 6

Hosted Tournaments

The club hosts the Alberta Quizbowl Tournament every year in either October or November. As of 2013, Alberta is the only province outside of Ontario in Canada to have high school quizbowl.

Current Members

  • Trevor Davis
  • Igor Kasic
  • James Lin
  • Rishi Nair
  • Mitchell Schultze
  • Sinan Ulusoy
  • John Yoon
  • about 8 or 9 others who have yet to attend a tournament