2012 ACF Regionals

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ACF Regionals 2012 was held over the weekend of February 18, 2012, at eight regional sites throughout the United States and Canada. This tournament was head-edited by Trevor Davis, who was assisted by Will Butler, Auroni Gupta, John Lawrence, and Guy Tabachnick. Most of the feedback centered on bonus difficulty and managing sub-distributions.


Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
West UCSD Auroni Gupta UCSD Caltech Vicky Hwang West
South St. John's Chris Romero Bellarmine Rice Henry Gorman South
North Minnesota Eliza Grames Minnesota Carleton College Andrew Hart North
Midwest Illinois Charles Martin Jr. Chicago Michigan Kurtis Droge Midwest
Southeast Georgia Tech Will Butler Alabama South Carolina Gregory Peacock Southeast
East Canada Buffalo Zach Pace Palmer Jay Jordan Palmer Canada and Niagara Region
Mid-Atlantic George Washington University Chris Maryland Virginia Eric Mukherjee Mid-Atlantic
Northeast Brown Ian Eppler Yale Harvard Neil Gurram Northeast
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