Michigan Fall Tournament

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Michigan Fall Tournament
Competition season 2013-14
School(s) Michigan
Head editor(s) Will Nediger and Kurtis Droge
Difficulty College regular-
First mirror October 5, 2013
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The Michigan Fall Tournament was a low-difficulty college tournament edited by Michigan and played at sites in Fall 2013[1].


Region Host Date Winner Runner-up Stats
Lower Midwest WUSTL October 5, 2013 WUSTL Tamil Tiger Mothers (Ben Zhang, Jialin Ding, and Kisan Thakkar) Stats
Niagara Buffalo October 5, 2013 Buffalo Pitt Stats
Northeast Brown October 5, 2013 Penn A Tie: Harvard A and Yale A Stats
Southwest Texas October 5, 2013 HQBC (Carlo DeGuzman, Deven Lahoti, Andy Huff, Max Huang, and Eric Liu) LASA A Stats
Mid-Atlantic VCU October 12, 2013 Virginia A Maryland A Stats
Mid-South Western Kentucky October 12, 2013 Louisville A Centre A Stats
Midwest Michigan October 12, 2013 Chicago Michigan State A Prelims, Playoffs
North Carleton College October 12, 2013 MCTC Carleton College A Stats
South Louisiana-Lafayette October 19, 2013 ? ? Prelims
Canada Carleton University October 26, 2013 Alberta A Alberta B Stats
United Kingdom Imperial November 23, 2013 Oxford A Oxford B Stats

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