Zach Hommer

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Zach Hommer
Noted subjects Biology, Visual Art, Geography, Serial Killers
Current college Maryland (2006-)
Past colleges Brandeis (2006)
High school Walter Johnson
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Zach Hommer is a former player at Brandeis and the University of Maryland. He is currently engaged in various misadventures in the much-feared real world, most recently as a (mis)shaper of young minds as a member of Teach For America, which sent him to teach remedial science in New Orleans's 9th Ward.

While in high school, Zach captained the Walter Johnson team that won the 2005 version of the It's Academic TV show. He also played on the Maryland team that finished 2nd in the Panasonic Academic Challenge.

During his freshman year, Zach played sparingly at Brandeis and accompanied his cousin (by marriage), one Dan Passner, to the infamous 2006 East Canada SCT.

After transferring to Maryland, Zach was cajoled into playing with Jeremy Eaton, Chris Ray, and later Curran Muhlberger on a team that won the Division II title at the 2007 ICT over Dartmouth.